Managed Services
Network Management has been known as the black hole of the office. It is a drain on resources, money, and most of all, time - your time that is better valued doing other things. Company Executives that oversee your Network look for qualified partners to take care of the Network Management of the company. Folkerson Communications, LTD can do that with the Managed Services Option plan. We will manage, mantain and support your entire Network for one monthly fee. 

Managed Services:
·         Month to month services of serviceable network and systems.
·         Callback support within 4 hours.
·         Onsite support within 24 hours.
·         Requires initial network assessment and system health analysis.
·         Project based pricing available upon request.
·         All materials are billed as needed.
·         Cost is based on Servers, network complexity, and initial system health.
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